September 11, 2007

The Boy King does the right thing

Cameron might actually be about to try and do something right. It looks like he is going to try and make Labour stand by its manifesto pledge to give us a referendum on the EU Constitution, under its new name of the Reform Treaty.

This is right for him tactically because when Brown starts arguing against carrying out a manifesto pledge will show him up as the unscrupulous lieing bastard that he is.
It is right for him party politically because this is a measure that has overwhelming support within his party (most of which will be itching to vote 'No').
It is right electorally because the overwhelming majority of the population wants a referendum.
Finally it is right constitutionally because holding the government to account over what it promised in order to gain power is exactly what Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition is there to do.

However this issue is such a gift for him it would hardly takes a genius to realise that he should grasp it with both hands.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh you're right there - but as I blogged about this morning, the LibDems are doing the same as Labour, ignoring a key manifesto pledge on the EU Constitution, sorry "Reform Treaty".

It seems the only reason they don't want the referendum, is because the people don't want the constitution.

10:51 am  

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